Diego Aguilar

I am a public servant working on indigenous affairs in the Canadian federal government. I am currently based in the province of Ontario, Canada. Furthermore, I am a Network Leader at the Brantford Immigration Partnership. Before relocating to Canada, I served as a Lawyer and International Relations Coordinator at the Servicio Nacional del Consumidor (SERNAC) in Chile.

I hold an MA in Political Science from the Institute of Public Affairs at the Universidad de Chile and an MA in Global Politics from McMaster University, Canada. Moreover, I earned an LLB from Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Chile. I am interested in transparency and open government, public policies, indigenous affairs and international relations.

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  • Cisternas, C., González-Bustamante, B., Morillo Remesnitzky, J., & Aguilar, D. (2024, forthcoming). Clasificación de proyectos de ley y mociones legislativas: Modelos supervisados y no supervisados aplicados al caso chileno. Tufte Working Papers, 5.

  • Aguilar, D. (2020). La responsabilidad de cooperar de Chile: el caso de los Comité de Integración. Cuaderno de Estudios Internacionales, 1, 26-51.

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Email: diego.aguilar@training-datalab.com
ORCID iD: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-4531-5922

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