Carlos Palacios Peralta

I hold a professional degree in Public Administration, a BA in Government, and an MA in Political Science, all from the Universidad de Chile. My academic research interests have focused on expert knowledge in public policy and governmental elites. Moreover, I have lectured political science courses at the Universidad de Santiago de Chile (USACH), and I am currently a lecturer of political theory at the Faculty of Government at the Universidad de Chile.

In my five years -and counting- of professional experience in both the public and private sectors, I have worked in multidisciplinary teams and supported decision-making through developing specialised content on public policies. Today, I am a coordinator of studies in a public affairs consultancy. I monitor and analyse the constituent process in Chile and the media agenda, as well as provide advice on various issues relevant to clients.

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  • Palacios, C. (2017). Convergencia y divergencia de la tecnocracia en el proceso de formulación de políticas en Chile: Reformas tributarias entre 1990 y 2014. Presentation delivered at the IX Latin American Congress of Political Science, Montevideo, Uruguay.

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