Carla Cisternas

I am a PhD Researcher in the Department of Latin American Studies at the Faculty of Humanities at Leiden University, Netherlands. I am also a Lecturer at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Arts at the Universidad Mayor, Chile.

I hold an MA (1st) in Political Science from the Institute of Public Affairs at the Universidad de Chile. Moreover, I earned a BA (1st) and a BPS (1st) in Public Administration from the Universidad de Santiago de Chile (USACH).

I am interested in technocracy in Latin America, public policies and legislative processes, social network analysis and mixed methods. My doctoral project is supervised by Professor Patricio Silva and Dr María Gabriela Palacio and focuses on the relationship between technocracy, democracy, and sociopolitical conflicts. In particular, I study ad hoc presidential advisory commissions. The Chilean National Agency for Research and Development funds my PhD project.

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