Local Government Indicators Repository

Researchers: Bastián González-Bustamante and Diego Aguilar

Associate: Rodrigo Cuevas

Project Status: Standby

Creation of the Dataset

This project presents a novel integrated dataset with geospatial information and indicators of local governments in Chile between 2010 and 2022. We applied an e-services model to Chile’s 345 municipalities in order to measure an e-government index. We then expanded the index by incorporating transparency indicators from the requests for Access to publication information filed to the Council for Transparency in Chile.

We integrated these measurements with geospatial information and local government indicators compiled using the following open data and public information:

  • Geospatial shapefiles and data from the Infrastructure of Geospatial Data of Chile portal and the Undersecretariat for Regional Development (IDE-Chile and SUBDERE, 2018, 2020).
  • Data for the number of fixed Internet connections at the municipal district level from the Undersecretariat for Telecommunications (SUBTEL, 2022).
  • The rate of monetary poverty from the Social Observatory Division of the Ministry of Social Development and the Family and the UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (DOS-MDSF and ECLAC, 2021).
  • Indicators of municipal budget with monetary correction and the professionalisation of municipal personnel based on the proportion holding a professional qualification, in both cases using data from SUBDERE’s National System of Municipal Information (SINIM, 2022).
  • Estimated population of the municipal district by the National Institute of Statistics (INE, 2022).



How to cite this dataset?

  • González-Bustamante, B., & Aguilar, D. (2023). Data Set on Local Government Indicators in Chile (Version 0.21.15 – Late Sky). Dataset, pre-release version, University of Oxford, Universidad de Santiago de Chile (USACH) and Training Data Lab. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.7568387.

Figure by González-Bustamante and Aguilar (2022).
Last updated: March 19, 2023.