Incivility Towards Experts During Crises

Researchers: Carla Cisternas and Bastián González-Bustamante

Project Status: Standby


We are analysing online incivility in the context of extra-governmental experts’ appointments to face unexpected, challenging events in Latin American democracies, such as natural disasters and the coronavirus crisis. We focus on the activity on Twitter around specific hashtags and data already downloaded using the Twitter API.

Our empirical strategy is based on a discontinuity design to estimate the effect of certain events on incivility/toxicity levels.


1. Data Gathering       100%       2. Data Cleaning       0%
3. Sentiment Analysis       0%       4. Toxicity Algorithm       0%


How to cite this project?

  • Cisternas, C., & González-Bustamante, B. (2023). Incivility Towards Experts During Crises. Research project, Leiden University, University of Oxford, Universidad de Santiago de Chile (USACH) and Training Data Lab.

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Last updated: March 18, 2023.