Data Collection on Boards of Directors (2001-2022)

Researchers: Bastián González-Bustamante and Carla Cisternas

Assistants: Virla Liberona and Matías Carrillo

Project Status: Standby


We used data from the Financial Market Commission, which supervised more than 70% of financial assets in Chile, to identify board members and CEOs of a number of companies. We have elaborated a list of board members and CEOs for 463 and 451 companies, respectively.

Currently, we have collected more than 20,000 individual observations from the board members list.


1. Data Gathering       100%       2. Data Cleaning       33%


How to cite this project?

  • González-Bustamante, B., & Cisternas, C. (2023). Chilean Boards of Directors (2001-2022). Research project, University of Oxford, Leiden University, Universidad de Santiago de Chile (USACH) and Training Data Lab.

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